Who is Ashutosh?

Ashutosh Kumar Pandey

I am a Researcher. Currently, working as Postdoctoral Research Associate in Tomonaga Center for the History of the Universe (TCHoU) in University of Tsukuba, Japan. I completed my Ph.D. from IIT BOMBAY in August, 2019 while working in the field of Experimental High Energy Physics with ALICE collaboration. In my Ph.D. research work, I mainly analyzed the data from the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN. I was also involved in hardware, data taking and simulation work. My M.Sc. in Physics was from IIT BOMBAY and I did B.Sc. (Honors) in Physics from Banaras Hindu University.

I am very curious to understand the Universe. I keep observing the world mainly India by means of politics, economy, science and technology etc and write blogs based on my analysis, thought and imagination of my observations. I also like to watch documentaries and movies based on animals, plants, forests, mountains and water life etc.

Please visit this page where I have given my research and other interests.

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